RAD Staff Technologist Assistant (3-4 Students)


The Radiology Technologist’s assistant transports patients to and from the Radiology Department. Other duties include but are not limited to: stocking rooms, dressing patients, and other duties as assigned.

A Rad Tech Assistant may not make an xray exposure since only technologists licensed by the Ohio Department of Health are allowed to do so. 



Education and Experience:

1.  Must have BCLS upon hire and maintain current throughout employment

2.  Must be a second year Radiology Student from a program affiliated with East Ohio Regional Hospital. 



Knowledge of positioning and   transporting patients. 


Knowledge of HIPPA, State and Federal   regulations.


Knowledge of hospital policies on   reducing risk of wrong patient and wrong procedure occurrences.


Understands Emergency Codes, how to   call a code and their response to them.


Aware of location and usage of MSDS   Manual, EOC Manual, Infection Control Manual.

Required Skills/Abilities:


Transports patients to and from in a   timely manner. May be required to assist with portable xrays or CT,


Informs Radiology department and/or nursing   departments on any delays. Pager is worn while on duty. 


Consistently covers patients during   transportation.


Consistently brings patient chart   during transportation and is aware of code status.


Prioritizes workload appropriately.   STAT patients – First Priority.


Participates in hand off   communication during exchange between nursing and radiology.


Is attentive to record-keeping and   documentation of work performed and required paperwork inherent to the   position. 


Acts as a liaison between Radiology   department and other hospital departments. Assists all nursing staff members.



Understand,   respects and displays sensitivity to culture, age and persons with   disabilities. 


Participates actively and positively   affects the outcomes of customer service activities.


Uses effective collaborative   strategies as evidenced by:


a) Displaying teamwork ability to promote   cooperation and collaboration; gaining support for programs and goals.


b) Supports Patient Rights.


Displays honesty and respect for   others, and respect for the organization as evidenced by:


a) Treating internal and external customers as   the most important part of the job.


b) Being sensitive to customer’s emotions,   thoughts and feelings.


c) Refraining from negative comments of any   kind where the public or other customers can hear. 


Facilitates and enhances   communication as evidenced by:


a) Effective and timely processing of   customers’ requests according to hospital and departmental policies.


b) Utilizing verbal communication methods,   which enable others to clearly understand what is being said.


c) Utilizing verbal and non-verbal behaviors   without being defensive, manipulative, aggressive or controlling.


d) Using written communication that is   legible, timely and at a level based on the position specific requirements.


e) Listening attentively to ensure effective   two-way communication.


f) Expressing and accepting feedback in a   professional manner.


g) Answering the telephone with stating   department, name and greeting.


Interacts with coworkers, other   hospital staff, physicians, and the public in a courteous, professional and   efficient manner. 


Establishes good rapport and working   relationships with coworkers, other hospital staff, physicians and the public


Observes dress code policy and wears   hospital identification as required by our policies and procedures.


Attends scheduled in-service and   mandatory in service.


Follows standard precautions and   transmission-based precautions as shown by consistent use of appropriate   personal protective equipment.


Uses proper body mechanics at all   times. Seeks assistance when necessary   to move heavy objects or to transport/transfer a heavy patient.


Is knowledgeable in the hospital   safety program and takes necessary steps to maintain a safe environment. Adheres to safe work practices in order to   prevent injuries and illnesses.


Is familiar with emergency codes and   emergency preparedness procedures and understands his/her role in response to   each of the emergency codes (Code Blue, Code Pink, Code Orange, Code Yellow,   Code Gray, Code Silver, Code Purple, etc.)


Maintains the department in a neat,   clean, and orderly manner, especially in own work area.


Eliminates or assists in eliminating   any seen or known hazards in the workplace. Reports any unsafe conditions to his or her immediate supervisor.


Demonstrates good safety habits and   judgment by maintaining a safe environment at all times.


Complies with all hospital safety and   injury prevention policies and regulations (Environment of Care plans and   hospital safety policies and procedures).

Physical Requirements:

1. Sitting 3-5 hours/day

2. Standing 3-5 hours/day

3. Walking 3-5 hours/day

4. Bending less than 3 hours/day

5. Pulling less than 3 hours/day

6. Pushing less than 3 hours/day

7. Lifting up to 50 pounds or greater with assistance

8. Wrist deviation (side to side and up and down) 3-6 hours/day

9. Frequent exposure to hazardous chemicals or infections

The above statements reflect the general duties considered necessary to describe the principal functions of the job as identified and shall not be considered as a detailed description of all the work assignments that may be inherent in the job.