Next Gen Pastor | Full-time | $65-68k/yr + Benefits
Job Type

The Next Generation Pastor helps CTK carry out its mission by providing spiritual, pastoral, and administrative leadership to all aspects of Next Generation (Birth - High School) staff and ministries.

Essential Functions:

  • Next Gen Team Leadership
    • Provide leadership, development and support for all Next Gen ministry teams through oversight of the department’s directors and pastors. 
    • Use appropriate child development knowledge to best meet the needs of the next generation in curriculum selection, discipline, groupings, etc.
    • Collaborate with broader staff ministry teams to coordinate family-oriented events and outreach.
    • Create strategy with direct reports to 
      • Engage students with opportunities to develop a strong spiritual foundation and a growing faith in Christ, and to experience being an active part of the body of Christ.
      • Build relationships with and provide pastoral care for students and their parents.
    • Find creative ways to impact public schools by developing relationships with the schools in our community and creating potential outreach opportunities.
    • Develop tools to gauge the effectiveness of Next Generation ministries.
    • Commit to continuing education of child and adolescent faith development and ministry through independent study and occasional continuing education opportunities (seminars, conferences, etc.).
  • Parent and Family Leadership
    • Implement a strategy for partnering with parents to reach the next generation with the gospel, disciple them in their faith, and equip them to live as fully devoted and growing disciples of Jesus.
    • Provide a warm, safe, and friendly environment for children, students, and families.
    • Encourage families through regular and consistent communication.
    • Provide opportunities for parents to grow in their ability to shepherd their children.
    • Be a resource to help parents engage spiritually with their children.
    • Organize and participate in child dedications and baptisms.
  • General Duties:
    • Create and manage Next Gen Ministry budgets.
      • Budgetary responsibilities (PO/Finance Tracking/etc., Ministry Reports).
    • Perform supervisor duties including training, support, and evaluation of employees.
    • Perform all Pastoral duties (POC, Commons duties, Sacerdotal duties).
  • Demonstrated capacity to lead diverse teams in a complex organizational context
  • Owns and can articulate the mission and values of CTK
  • Excellent at identifying, recruiting, training, deploying, and supporting volunteers
  • Demonstrated results-driven desire and track record
  • Engaging verbal and written communication
  • Demonstrated people-smarts and emotional intelligence
  • Strong leadership and strategic vision
  • Understanding in current trends in discipleship
  • Pastoral care and volunteer leadership experience
  • Good listening and communication skills; providing feedback, de escalating conflict, team collaboration