School-Based Behavior Support Coach


The School-Based Behavior Support Coach will work under the supervision of the School-Based Intervention Supervisor to help develop and implement behavioral programming in a variety of public and private school environments. The School-Based Behavior Support Coach is expected to maintain a weekly billable caseload. 


  • Assists School-Based Intervention Supervisor with the development of individualized behavior support plans and educational programming for students and/or classrooms.
  • Provides modeling and teacher education, ensuring skill acquisition programs and behavior intervention strategies are implemented with high treatment fidelity. 
  • Collaborates effectively with school system administrators regarding student progress and needs, as well as personnel issues as needed. 
  • Collaborates effectively with related service providers and other community partners. 
  • Works with school-based crisis team to de-escalate behavior when necessary. 
  • Is responsible for the creation and development of data tracking systems and program materials for individual students or classrooms. 
  • Provides group training for school personnel as needed/requested. 
  • Operates independently and is able to assess the learning environment and prioritize student needs quickly in a dynamic environment. 
  • Understands and adheres to both VIA policies and policies within the school environment. 
  • Maintains required certifications and credentials (e.g., RBT, CPR, etc.).
  •  Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience.
  •  Comfortable coaching and guiding staff with no prior ABA experience.
  •   High level of professionalism as a representative of VIA. 
  •   Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills. 
  •   Comfort with building relationships and rapport quickly. 
  •   Excellent organizational and time management skills. 
  •   At least one year of experience providing ABA and other evidence-based practices. 
  •   Prior experience in a school setting preferred.