Lead Systems Technician
Job Type

 Like all LightWerks Associates, the Lead Systems Technician is a key member of the LightWerks team, whose performance will directly affect the work of others in the organization and our customers’ satisfaction with our work and with the Company overall.

This associate is tasked with leading Integration Teams to deliver high-quality, fully functional AV and/or security systems to our clients. This position is for an expert-level person with broad, proven success safely completing projects on-time and on-budget in collaboration with our Project Management and Sales team members. This person is capable of all or most aspects of system installation and possesses the skills necessary to lead teams of up to ten people. As a systems expert, this person is also tasked with performing troubleshooting and problem resolution on systems previously installed by themselves, their teams, or others.

Responsibilities: The Lead Systems Technician’s responsibilities will include:

· Mastering, modeling, implementing, and improving the relevant elements of The LightWerks Way.

· Giving daily direction to your integration team and ensuring that work is done according to the Engineered specifications.

· Completing job-site paperwork, personal timekeeping, and other documentation conscientiously and consistently on a DAILY basis.

· Reviewing all project documentation prior to arriving on the jobsite to properly prepare for the team to be as productive as possible upon arrival.

· Creating work plans for the project including tasks and site logistics

· Maintaining expert-level proficiency and completing tasks related to some or all of the following technical installation requirements:

· Cable pulls, terminations, testing, and certification.

· Permanent, physical installation of equipment to customers’ structures.

· Building and certifying 100% functional racks of electronic equipment to the Engineered specifications.

· Configuring appropriate software applications (Zoom, Teams, Envoy, etc.) and equipment (e.g., simple control systems, switches, DSPs, etc.) to achieve desired functionality.

· Establishing connections to key system components, loading software, and establishing a remote connection with Engineers and Programmers, and

· Testing and certifying assigned system elements or entire (typically simple) rooms and systems.

· Training Technicians and Installers on your integration teams on the above.

· Recognizing the need to ask others – either Engineers, your Installation Manager, other Lead Technicians, or manufacturers’ own technical support – for help after a reasonable (i.e., short) amount of time spent trying to solve technical or installation challenges on your own.

· Directing customer requests for changes or deviations from the plan to your project’s Project Manager for them to prepare appropriate external change orders and NOT proceeding with any changes until approved by the Project Manager IN WRITING.

· Documenting any approved changes to our plan by marking up drawings, or via other documentation, as requested.

· Attending project kick-off meetings and post-project debriefs, as required.

· Being accountable for your teams’ safe completion of quality projects within (preferably 5-10% below) the budgeted hours.

· Generate daily work reports indicating tasks completed, tasks remaining, estimated time to completion, any issues not resolved, and any additional resources needed.

· Recognizing and communicating to the Installation Manager and/or Field Manager, and the Project Manager if your team will be unable to safely complete a day’s tasks or a project on time and within budgets as described above, and recommended corrective actions, if possible.

· Working to the highest professional standards in terms of timeliness, neatness, attention to detail, customer interaction, and other professional matters that reflect on the reputation of LightWerks and the quality of our work.

· Providing orientation-like training to customers’ end-users and/or technical personnel.

· Providing on-site support (e.g., system troubleshooting and issue resolution, etc.), by performing support visits as necessary.

· Completing all work with the highest safety standard both for LightWerks’ associates and customers.

· Coordinating with LightWerks’ Installation Management and Project Management representatives to complete work to the customer’s specifications and delight.

· Working to the highest professional standards in terms of timeliness, neatness, attention to detail, customer interaction, and other professional matters that reflect on the reputation of LightWerks and the quality of our work.

· Observing the highest safety standards both for LightWerks’ associates and customers.

· Ensuring that all team members and subs have and always use appropriate PPE and other safety equipment as recommended/required by various OSHA entities (e.g. fall arrest systems, etc.) and as specified by clients and GCs.

· Maintaining tools, vehicles, and other LightWerks’ equipment and supplies to top performance standards.

· Consistently maintaining – and modeling – a positive attitude and performing as a team player on a day-to-day basis, and

· Providing feedback and recommendations to Operations Team leadership to ensure the continuous improvement of our processes and technical capabilities.



· Equivalent of five years of relevant hands-on installation experience.

· Ability to read, interpret, and mark-up (i.e., correct) architectural and technical drawings and to direct members of your teams to deliver 100% complete systems per our Engineered specifications.

· Strong inter-personal communication skills, a strong work ethic, positive outlook, and ability to focus and complete assigned tasks.

· Possessing an AVIXA CTS certification, or able to earn one within six months of employment.

· Possessing, or ability to earn, a CTS-I and/or a CTS-D certification (strongly preferred).

· Must be well-versed and proficient with the entire suite of Microsoft Office products. 

· Must possess a working knowledge of IT/networking fundamentals (COMPTIA Network+ certification, or similar, desired).

· Earning and maintaining the appropriate installation-related certifications on our key brands (e.g., Crestron, Extron, etc.) as well as others determined by Senior Management (e.g., Bosch, Microsoft Teams, Envoy, OpenPath, Zoom, etc.), and

· Earning and maintaining appropriate safety certifications including but not limited to OSHA-30, OSHA Aerial and Scissor Lifts, and CPR/First Aid.


Other Requirements: 

· Reaching, grasping, carrying, pulling, and pushing activities also required.

· Un-restricted ability to climb minimum six-foot ladders.

· Un-restricted ability to lift a minimum of 75 pounds, and 50 pounds above the head.

· The noise level will occasionally be high. As with all other hazards, PPE will be supplied by the company and is to be worn/used at all related times.

· Although most work is performed inside, occasional outside activities are subject to seasonal temperature fluctuations.

· Must be able to see all colors in the visual spectrum (i.e., not suffering from “color blindness”), unless proficiency of tasks can be achieved in some other reasonable fashion.

· Possessing a driver’s license that is valid in all States where LightWerks undertakes projects, and

· Ability to travel up to 50% of the time, in periods of a week or more.


Training Path: LightWerks believes in providing extensive training to all Team Members. Your customized training path benefits our customers, and hence the Company, in many ways, but it also benefits each team member, personally and professionally, in the following ways:

· Industry Training: Industry-related training will allow each team member to understand how LightWerks and THEY fit into the industry overall, and why/how we provide value to our customers. 

· Technical Skills Training: This training will allow each team member to build their technical competence in their specific profession and the role(s) that they take on during their tenure with LightWerks.

· Professional Skills Training: Team members will benefit from professional skills training that is relevant to all professionals and teams. Training will includ, but is not limited to, interpersonal skills, time management, etc.


Keys to Success:  

· You will be evaluated in part based upon your performance of the responsibilities and tasks listed in this job description.

· This job description does not list all the duties of the job. You may be asked by supervisors or management to perform other instructions and duties. You will be evaluated in part based upon your performance of the tasks listed in this job description.? 

· Management has the right to revise this description at any time. The job description is not a contract for employment, and either you or the employer may terminate?employment at any time, for any reason as outlined in the employee manual, and as permitted by applicable law.? 

· LightWerks promotes and rewards transparent, proactive, and responsive communication (i.e., “Truth Early. Truth Always.”), client-focused behavior, good decision-making, innovation, a bias to action, courage, commitment, integrity, teamwork, the desire to continuously learn and improve, and a passion for success.