Senior Engineer
Job Type


The Senior Engineer oversees technical phases of planning and designing a wide variety of projects. The Senior Engineer will be expected to successfully execute appropriate levels of leadership, project management or technical roles. Expectations include staff supervision/management, client management, project administration, budgeting, and/or technical skills. He/she might also concentrate on a particular area of expertise or be a source of senior review for quality control and mentoring of junior level staff. The Senior Engineer is also looked to for guidance by other staff and is expected to provide insight, training and direction as appropriate. Senior Engineers are key to completing quality deliverables on time and within budget. Senior Engineers act as Project Managers, which are key to maintaining healthy client relationships, developing business and successfully delivering quality projects on time. Senior Engineers are also key to ensuring quality of engineering products and will provide review and feedback to staff throughout the company.


• Actively market QK services and pursue new projects from existing and prospective clients

• Actively involved with one or more engineering-oriented organization or group with focus on leadership and marketing growth in 

  his/her field

• Heavily involved in Business Development meetings and activities to bring in and monitor sales for the company

• Will have overall responsibility for the profitability of his/her projects

• Responsible for project schedules and timely completion of projects

• Serve as primary client contact and supervise and monitor client relationship strategies

• Formulate fee estimates, cost estimating, scoping, and marketing strategies for proposed projects

• Develops engineering agreements for projects

• Oversees contract administration

• Works with clients, agencies, team members and QK senior management to assure that tasks are appropriate, and deliverables 

  can be completed on time and within budget

• Directs and supervises other staff activities as well as monitor workload using Deltek software and company adopted procedures

• Works with other teams, groups, and/or offices to assure that expert staff are consulted when appropriate for a project 


• Develops probable construction costs estimates for projects

• Attends client meetings and associated agency meetings (including city council, county planning and zoning, etc.)

• Acts as District and/or City Engineer for the various Districts and Cities for which we provide on-call engineering services

• Responsible for control of work-in-process, ensures accurate client billings, and conducts outstanding accounts receivable and 

  collection efforts on his/her projects

• Analyzes reports, maps, survey data, drawings, tests and aerial photographs to plan and design projects

• Prepares or directs preparations of reports, specifications, plans, construction schedules, environmental impact studies and 

  designs for project

• Visits construction sites to monitor progress and other duties per the contract documents.

• Serves as on-site project representative

• Uses computer-assisted engineering and design software and equipment to prepare engineering and design documents

• Prepares applications for funding, permits, and other planning documents

• Responsible for completion of QA/QC forms for all deliverables and to encourage Associate/Senior Associate Engineers to prepare 

  the forms and coordinate the schedule with other QA/QC reviewers

• Reviews projects list and planned hours for all his/her projects weekly and discuss with other team members, Project Managers, 

   and/or Team/Group Leaders to ensure accuracy of the assigned hours and completion of planned work

• Other duties as assigned by other senior engineering professionals, Team/Group Leaders, Branch Managers or CAD Leaders 

   required in order to assist junior staff

• Additional duties initiated by the Senior Engineer themselves in order to maximize success of the engineering group, the client, 

   and/or QK



• Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from an accredited four-year college or university and minimum of eight (8) years’ post-

   graduate experience or the equivalent thereof.

• License or registration as Professional Engineer, in the State of California


• Minimum of seven (7) years’ experience as Senior Associate Engineer (ten (10) years’ experience post-PE) or the equivalent thereof

• Extensive experience in teaching, training, motivating and/or leading other engineering staff

• Minimum of three (3) years’ experience in marketing, proposal writing and/or other related business development tasks preferred

Salary Description
125,000 - 145,000